Whether it’s a small birthday party, a large corporate event, or your magical wedding day, Dough Co can create a one-of-a-kind catering experience that will wow your guests and awaken their taste buds with the power of cookie dough!


We have several different packages and options that can help make your event a memorable experience for all of those lucky enough to attend.


Reach out to us today at catering@dessertwithoutrules.com and tell us a little about your event and we will craft the perfect option for you.

Catering Request

Our Custom Cookie Dough Cakes make quite the impression!

We half bake the base layer, then stack two additional layers of our handcrafted edible cookie dough on top for a delicious cake unlike any other. The dough layer cake is then topped with whipped cream clouds, a chocolate drip, and two toppings of your choice. These 9 inch dough cakes are rich and will feed approximately 20- 24 people.

We make everything from scratch, therefore, we do need at least 24 hour notice to craft the perfect cake for you. Please feel free to use this order form or give us a call.

Custom Cookie Dough Cake Order Form

Custom Cookie Dough Cake Order Form



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