Doughbots have ARRIVED


No one saw them coming, but they have arrived. Do they come in peace? Do they come to conquer? All we know is that they are tempting us with their delicious innards. If you see one in the wild, feed it your money, receive your reward.

all hail the doughbots!

The World’s First Edible Cookie Dough Vending Machines – Megaplex Theatres, South Town Mall, and University of Utah now feature one of a kind machines.

This month, Dough Co. is unveiling the first edible cookie dough machine in the world. These Doughbots dispense edible cookie dough in Dough Co’s most popular flavors. Everything from classic Chocolate Chip cookie dough to Loaded Brownie and Cake Batter will be available in these one of a kind machines.

“Coming to Dough Co. is an amazing experience, but sometimes people just can’t make it out to one of our shops,” said owner Sarah McNamara. “So my husband and I had this idea of finding a way to get edible cookie dough to people in a new and creative way in multiple locations, and that’s how the idea of Doughbots were born.”


We’ll build stores as quickly as we can, but in the meantime we’ll let these Doughbots do the heavy lifting. More dough, closer to you.


Doughbots are loaded with our most popular flavors. Everything from classic Chocolate Chip to Loaded Brownie. Keep an eye out for more.


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what a year it’s been

Dough Co. has been working with Digital Media Vending for over a year, building a truly innovative machine from the ground up that would be unlike anything else the dessert community has ever seen The Doughbot is a fully interactive, immersive experience that brings all the fun and flavor that a brick and mortar Dough Co. location has to offer.





6 convenient locations

4 Megaplex Theaters (Lehi, West Valley, Sandy & South Jordan). Marriott Library on the University of Utah campus.  South Town Mall.

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